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Java vs Python – Which Programming Language is better for you?

As human beings, we are faced with dilemmas on a day to day basis. From smartphones like iPhone vs Samsung to soft drinks such as Pepsi vs Coke. It can be difficult to know which one is best for you. It goes without saying that these products are different in one way or another. The same can be said about Java vs Python but with no rivalry. Unless you have been living in a cave, you already know that Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages we have today. Therefore, you will never miss programmers who prefer one programming language over the other.

However, if you want to choose one programming language over the other, you need to know how they compare in terms of their ideal uses, application, similarities, and differences. This article will take you through a beginner-friendly comparison between Java vs Python so that you can know which programming language to choose.

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Top 10 Secure Coding Practices

Top 10 Secure Coding Practices Validate input. Validate input from all untrusted data sources. Proper input validation can eliminate the vast majority of software vulnerabilities. Be suspicious of most external data sources, including command line arguments, network interfaces, environmental variables, and user controlled files. Heed compiler warnings. Compile code using the highest warning level available for your compiler […]

Our First game with AndroidStudio

Welcome ! , today we take a look to my first game with AndroidStudio. It is a simple pong -style  game where the user must intercept the projectile. In case of intercepting it, +5 points will be added to the score, if the user fails , will be -10 points to the score. The objective […]

Java Hibernate (II): Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

Today we are going to start to job with Hibernate, we will make a class for every tipe : Select, Insert, Update and Delete data for our database. First of all remember, we need a SessionFactory class to start our sessions : package Class; /// @author Start2Develop import org.hibernate.SessionFactory; import org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration; public class SessionFactoryUtil { […]

Java Hibernate ( I ) , First look and how to configure.

We started a set of tutorials to learn what Hibernate is , and how it works with Java. Today we just take a look how to configure before starting . Hibernate, what is that? Hibernate ORM enables developers to more easily write applications whose data outlives the application process. As an Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework, […]

Adding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on our apps

JavaFX Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is based on the W3C CSS version 2.1 [1] with some additions from current work on version 3 [2]. JavaFX CSS also has some extensions to CSS in support of specific JavaFX features. The goal for JavaFX CSS is to allow web developers already familiar with CSS for HTML to use CSS to […]

AndroidStudio : Adding a MenuBar / ActionBar to our apps.

AndroidStudio : Adding a MenuBar / ActionBar The app bar, also known as the action bar, is one of the most important design elements in your app’s activities, because it provides a visual structure and interactive elements that are familiar to users. Using the app bar makes your app consistent with other Android apps, allowing users to […]

Java : Multithreading.

Life Cycle of a Thread: A thread goes through various stages in its life cycle. For example, a thread is born, started, runs, and then dies. The following diagram shows the complete life cycle of a thread. Following are the stages of the life cycle : New − A new thread begins its life cycle […]

Events on AndroidStudio : OnTouch ,OnClick , OnKey.

Today we are going to learn how to use events on androidStudio . With events like OnClick, OnTouch, or OnKey we can add alot of funcionalities to our app. CODE : We make an easy application, a calculator. But our calculator will not perform calculations yet. It will only show the information of each button […]

Our First Programm with JavaFx and SceneBuilder

Today we are going to create our first program in JavaFx with EsceneBuilder. We are going to create a very simple interface which allow us to save the data referring to a student, (IDentification, subject, note and retrieval mark) ,the information will be displayed in a table by clicking the save data Button. Working with […]


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